Valentine's Day Business?

The decision to buy is taken spontaneously. The holiday, as a rule, comes unexpectedly, like the New Year. It does not matter that we know the date; postponing, people rush to give gifts at the last moment. Therefore, you should notify the potential customers - start advertising your holiday business 2-3 weeks before the events, and 3 days before the holiday, strengthen advertising. Your customers should have no doubt, where to run for a gift before their russian women marriage.

Your product or service must meet the requirements of any purse. On a holiday you do not have an exact target audience. In search of a gift, lovers can address you for any reason. And you'll notice it right away. A solid and expensive dressed person can be seen at the Dollar Tree type of store. There he will look for a gift or a trifle pleasing to the heart. And vice versa. The schoolboy, who obviously saved all year round at lunch, can be seen in the boutique of luxury jewelry such as Pandora.

Any holiday discount should be given with a "take-off" - that is, 5-10 days before the holiday and a few days after. Put a discount and see how our example begins to play out, while counting additional earnings!

"Festive Sale! Only from 10th to 18th of February, all cement at a discount of 14%. Our cement is as strong as love. Hurry while it’s cheap! "

To you it may seem ridiculous and stupid. But a customer will remember, that it’s strong and it’s cheap. And when that romantic holiday comes. When you, in all pairs of love, are excited to congratulate your loved one ... In the corner of the memory, compare the holiday and the cement. And a 14% discount on all cement, which will be valid for another 4 days.

Flowers - the leader on any holiday

Sale and delivery of flowers, the first business, which brings a big profit on holidays. All women like flowers. In occasion of and without an occasion. And the sellers know this.

Individual and unusual souvenirs

Modern small-scale production and handicrafts make it possible to make any idea happen. So, a 3D printer can make an excellent gift souvenir. It does stuff with the accuracy of your sketch. Voluminous letters that can be put together in words of love. Handmade 3d greeting cards. Or a declaration of love, sealed in a fusing bottle.

Gift wrapping and decoration

Gifts are a good thing, but they must be packed. Therefore, gift wrapping is an excellent type of business that is needed for every day (birthdays, weddings and other events that occur all the time). And in the general holidays – you celebrate big profits.

Is Valentine's Day a holiday or a business?

Help people, help in the recognition of love, help in creating a romantic atmosphere - is this a soulless business? No. True happiness is not for sale. And it is not bought. Therefore, when organizing an additional business for Valentine's Day, it is worth remembering that you are helping people, and not scamming them. If you treat everyone with love, then it will not keep you waiting, and will return a hundredfold!

That’s why the day is so... special - it’s the day the Day of All Who Love!