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Many moms work at home for freedom and to be with their children more while still earning money. You can get all the information you need to start, grow and enjoy a successful home business here. Your journey starts with the links at the end of this page. Before you start, this page gives inspiration and useful resources.

This is the story of Lynn Reifert's journey from a career stay away from home mom to a happy and successful stay at home mom. Moms work at home in many ways and for many reasons. Lynn says it better than I can. In her own words:

Are you ready to be a Work at Home Mom? I honestly had no idea what I was getting into when it happened to me! I had worked in the mortgage business for six years, reaching my goal of Loan Processor. I loved the challenges and demands of my full-time job. I really enjoyed what I did and I looked forward to going to work each day. My two young sons were happy and they loved their daycare provider--she was great! It seemed like all was well yet in the back of my mind I was really starting to wonder if, in the future, I would regret my choice of working outside the home. After all, our children are only young once. Moms work at home often. Maybe I could too!

In January 2000 this decision was unexpectedly made for me. Business had died down and since I was the newest processor, I was laid off. This happened the day before my oldest sonís 4th birthday. It was a blessing in disguise! I actually took home more on unemployment than I had been, working full-time with two children in daycare. Once we figured out what I had really been bringing home--after taxes, daycare, meals, clothing, etc. I really only needed to make about $600-800 a month to break even! We cut a few expenses and made it even more accessible. Now the hard part: what could I do to make money at home? Other moms work at home businesses, so I looked into starting a work at home business too.

I started doing candle parties at first. I did make about $600 in my first month. I was driving to strangersí houses in the dark. I was hauling 2 bins of heavy candles up and down slippery steps, setting up my displays for people that really didnít want to BE at the party, and ultimately packing it all up again and hauling it back down to my car. It didnít take long to decide this was not for me. I was spending my nights away from my family, which defeated the purpose of working at home!

I had signed up as a consultant for Theme Parties in a Box (tm) the year before and hadnít done a thing with it. Right at this time I received a call from my sponsor. She was calling to let me know what was happening with the company and about their great new consultant websites. "Websites?" I asked. "So I could really start doing this from home online?" I asked her several questions, researched as much as I could, and ultimately decided that this would be perfect for me! Other moms work at home at this business. So can I!

Our product is Theme Parties in a Box (tm) - themed party supplies packaged conveniently together (you can also purchase items individually!). The company ships the products directly to the customer! There are no home parties, no inventory and no delivery. Your customers are linked to you for life! Anytime they reorder you make the commission on the sale. I have not heard of many other companies that do that for their consultants.

I have worked steadily on my party shop business and reached the top level of Director after 8 months! Achieving Director means that you have personally sponsored 20 or more consultants into your group. It means additional income and recognition as a leader in the company. It really does take determination to stick with it and reach your goals. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a business that takes awhile to build, but success is happening even sooner for some of our newer consultants. Many moms work at home with this business.

We have an incredible training system! All of the training is done via live conference calls from the convenience of your home. I put my phone on mute while Iím making dinner and getting my weekly training at the same time! As with anything worthwhile: you need to work at it! But I have to say that I have never had so much fun working in my life!

In the 15 months that I have been working at home there have been many ups & downs--mostly ups! My kids love having me at home. They love being in their home, playing with their toys. After years of working at a "real job" it was a big adjustment for all of us. I felt guilty at first that the house wasnít perfectly picked up and spotless! Dinner is not always on the table--how about rarely? Sometimes Iím in the middle of an instant message session with someone wanting to know more about my business. Maybe one of my consultants has just called me and needs to discuss something. My husband has been very supportive (most of the time) and fortunately he believes that this business will be great for our whole family, as much as I do.

My family has learned to be flexible in exchange for the flexibility that this business allows us. Moms work at home to get control of their time and life. Our kids are still young, 5 & 2, and phone calls can be rather challenging with them in the background. Thatís ok--I plan my calls around them. It is very rewarding. I am not only contributing to our household income--but Iím at home with my children. Maybe I wouldnít have regretted having a career--but Iím glad Iím not taking that chance anymore.

About a year ago I helped Jill Young from Metairie, LA to start her work at home business. Click here to see this moms work at home success story about Theme Parties in a Box (tm).

Lynn Reifert

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