Make Money on the Internet:
Making Money from Home

by Lionel H. Silva, PhD

Did you know that to make money on the Internet there are 5 tactics your Internet business must use immediately? Does your business employ all 5? To make money on the Internet, click here to discover these 5 tactics.

If you read our page on Secrets of Starting a Small Business, you know how important it is to be in the right business. If you are starting work at home businesses to solve people's problems, your chances are already better than most. You'd be surprised to know how many work at home small businesses go online with no clear objective. In order to increase your profits, a very important step in marketing effectively online is required -- targeting.

This is where many marketers fail to make money on the Internet, because they try to be all things to all people. Michel Fortin's latest book, Power Positioning Dot Com, reveals how to keep your product or service indelibly carved into your prospects' uppermost consciousness at all times. Michel Fortin is an internationally acclaimed and highly sought-after consultant whose marketing advice has helped countless clients earn millions of dollars in record time.

Once you have chosen what to sell and who your target market is, you are ready to get your business online. Here is what you need to do to make money on the Internet.

  1. Register your domain name.
  2. Get a web host to run your web site.
  3. Write words for your site that get the sale.
  4. Build your site.
  5. Accept credit cards on your site.
  6. Once your site is up with great content that solves people's problems, you need to get people to visit your site. Some people just put up a site and wait for millions of clicks. It just doesn't work that way. To be successful, you have to actively promote your site often. Go to Internet Marketing: What Works?

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