Create Internet Cash Machines
By Selling Ebooks

One of the hottest Internet work at home businesses is selling electronic books, or eBooks. Maybe you noticed that this site has many eBooks, free and for sale, to help you start your very own home based business. Why is this so popular?

Because all you have to do is load your books on your web site and sell them right from your site. Your web site automatically takes the orders and delivers the eBook. Your site can make money day and night without you getting involved in sales or fullfilment.

This is a real work at home business Internet cash machine. All you need to do is get some ebooks, and promote them on a web site. You can even get other people to sell your eBooks and give them a share of the profit.

Where do you get eBooks to sell?

One way to get eBooks to sell is to write your own. You turn your knowledge into cash. The other way is to buy them with resale rights. That's what I did.

Many of the books for sale on this site include resale rights. That means not only can you use them but you can sell them to others! So when you buy them you can sell them for the full price and keep all the profits! Some eBooks even come with free web site pages for you to sell the eBook.

To get even more money you can put links in your eBooks to affiliate programs that make you even more money. This works with both your own books and some of those you buy to resell.

By the way, you can use this same approach not just with books, but with anything you can store and sell on your web site. Things like computer programs, graphics and cgi scripts.

How to Start Your Own Ebook Home Business

One of the first things I did to start this work from home site was to learn a simple 4 step system to create Internet cash machines. I bought an eBook that revealed it all.

Many successful Internet marketers are using this system to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. You too can use this simple work at home system to make money on the Internet while you sleep. Click here to start your eBooks home business.

I also recommend you take this free InfoProduct Masters course. You will learn how to create, produce and sell your own electronic book or other information product. Your get this free course and many others, including ebooks and tools for home businesses when you subscribe to our Internet Home Business Secrets newsletter. Subscribe now!

Ebook Publishing Tools

You will need a program to write your eBook. Some people use Adobe Acrobat. One advantage to this is that you don't need Windows to read the book. However, the Acrobat program to write books costs a lot.

Many other programs are available to build eBoooks. These let you put links in your book to web sites, etc. Ebookpaper is one of these eBook publishing programs. It comes with a good book on marketing your eBook. Click here for details.

How to Sell Your eBooks

Lastly, you want to be able to sell these books and other products from your site, don't you? The best way to do that is to accept credit cards. Unless you want people to send you checks for the books, and you send them out on disk or something. Really, the best way is to accept credit cards. Here's how.

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